The 2020 Coupe du monde de la Boulangerie (Bakery World Cup) podium

2020 Podium Coupe du monde de la Boulangerie

China is the big winner of the 2020 Coupe du Monde de la Boulangerie (Bakery World Cup): what emotion on the faces of the 3 candidates Peng YU, Peizhi LU and Kim GONG!

Tears of joy crowned this short but very intense preparation at the announcement of the results last Tuesday.

These bakers have indeed accomplished a superb feat … they had only 2 months to prepare for this competition. Selected in May 2019 at the national level, they were gradually prepared for the tests of the international Louis Lesaffre Cup selection which took place in November 2019. And it was only then that they knew that they were going to Paris for the Bakery World Cup: from there, everything went very quickly ….

WANG Li, the coach of the Chinese team told us: “Once the national team was selected in May 2019, we had to work both on the international selection but also on the Bakery World Cup … ” It was complicated because we had to follow 2 different regulations in parallel. The preparation for the start of the World Cup was sporty … to bring all our equipment in France, in all 19 boxes was a heavy operation. Then, we made a short training at Baking CenterTM of Lesaffre to familiarize us with French flours … We had to make the necessary adjustments … then our convoy went to Paris … and our adventure came to life! Needless to say our joy when the results were announced! “

In the second row, it is Japan which brilliantly illustrated itself, followed by Denmark.