Young Bakery Hopefuls:

They are building the future of bakery

As part of the Louis Lesaffre Cup, Lesaffre has created a brand new fringe event alongside its competition: the “Young Bakery Hopefuls”, to find those become bakers will define the bakery profession of tomorrow.

For this first edition of the YBH, each team at the Louis Lesaffre Cup had to sponsor and coach a young baker. 35 young apprentice bakers stood out in demonstrative and friendly events. The theme of this first event: a children’s birthday party. And tasting and scoring were made by children, alongside the official jury of professionals!

Five finalists were selected to compete in the world final competition held in Paris on the Europain 2016 exhibition. The professional jury of the Masters de la Boulangerie, assisted by children for the tasting, evaluated the creative potential of these young hopefuls and award the first title of “2016 World Young Bakery Hopeful”.

Aesthetics, great tastes and variety: experts all agreed that the candidates competed at a very high level, which promises incredible prospects for the bakery profession!


A first title full of emotion and joy!

At the opening of Europain 2016, 5 passionate and motivated apprentice bakers participated in the colorful world finals of the Young Bakery Hopefuls. Enthusiastic about this first edition, the jury awarded the World Young Bakery Hoepful title and a special food critic’s prize.

2014-2015 EDITION


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A unique and colorful competition dedicated to young bakers!

At the beginning, a friendly challenge where young bakers from all around the world demonstrated their talent as part as the Louis Lesaffre Cup. Finally, with passion, professionalism and emotion, 5 of them competed at the first world final of this new Lesaffre competition during the international Europain show in 2016 for the “2016 World Young Bakery Hopeful” prize.

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