The 2014-2015 Louis Lesaffre Cup

The Louis Lesaffre Cup selected 9 countries to join the Coupe du Monde de la Boulangerie with Japan, USA and Taiwan.

The Louis Lesaffre Cup always is the bakery competition that reflects the bakery trends of today – and the future. As such, it must evolve with each new edition. The other competitions in the cycle evolve in its wake.

An expanded jury: In addition to a jury composed of 4 bakery experts who scores the candidates on the technical standard achieved, the jury has new elements: a nutritional advisor (non-scoring) and a “press” jury formed of two members (non-scoring): one food critic and one mainstream press journalist.

Reworked specialities: the specialities have been modified in such a way that through this competition bakery experts will be trained – and their knowledge will positively influence international baking.

3 specialities on the competition programme : Baguettes and World Bread, Viennese Pastries and Gastronomic Bread Making & Artistic Piece

The “Young Bakery Hopefuls”: At each international selection opening, the team introduces a young person that they have coached for a demonstration. In this way, organisers hope the competition can contribute to passing on professional knowledge.

International selections

Gagnants Winners Coupe Louis Lesaffre Africa 2015

TURKEY : Osman GÜNDÜZ (Breads) – Yüksel GÜLLÜ (Viennese Pastry) – Buket SISALAN (Artistic Piece)

MAURITIUS : Sabeer HOOKOOMALLY (Breads) – Ludovic GOPAUL (Viennese Pastry) – Maneeram SANTARAM (Artistic Piece)

Gagnants Winners Coupe Louis Lesaffre America 2015

CANADA: Marcus MARIATHAS (Breads) – Alan DUMONCEAUX (Viennese Pastry) – James HOLEHOUSE (Artistic Piece)

BRAZIL : Amarildo ELLER (Breads) – Antônio Carlos SILVA (Viennese Pastry) – Eduardo BELTRAME (Artistic Piece)

Gagnants Winners Coupe Louis Lesaffre Europa 2015

NETHERLANDS : Peter BIENEFELT (Breads) – Hiljo HILLEBRAND (Viennese Pastry) – Niek VAN WAARDE (Artistic Piece)

FRANCE: Cyrille MARTIN (Breads) – Déborah OTT (Viennese Pastry) – Claude CASADO (Artistic Piece)

RUSSIA: Elena ANANYINA (Breads) – Anna GRIBANOVA (Viennese Pastry) – Vassilisa ZIATKOVSKAYA (Artistic Piece)

Gagnants Winners Coupe Louis Lesaffre Asia 2015

CHINA: Zhenghai ZHANG (Breads) – Zhiliang XU (Viennese Pastry) – Bin ZHOU (Artistic Piece)

SOUTH KOREA: Chang-Min LEE (Breads) – Jong-Ho KIM (Viennese Pastry) – Yong-Joo PARK (Artistic Piece)

National selections

30 countries have selected their national team :

Africa / Mediterranean

Algeria – Côte d’Ivoire – Mauritius – Morocco – Turkey
America Argentina – Brazil – Chile – Colombia – Costa Rica – Equateur – Mexico – Uruguay – Canada
Europe Belgium – France – Spain – Hungary – Italy – Israel – Netherlands – Poland – Russia – Serbia – Sweden

Asia Pacific

Australia – China – South  Korea – Indonesia – Vietnam