The 2009-2011 Louis Lesaffre Cup

Launched in September, 2009, the third edition of the Louis Lesaffre Cup gathers the Best Bakers in the World. The Louis Lesaffre Cup went round the world in the biggest shows to select the most talented teams.

This edition is the latest round in the selection process:

the Louis Lesaffre Cup (nationalselection), in 2009-2010,

the Louis Lesaffre Cup (international selection) in 2010-2011,

the Bakery World Cupi n March 2012 during the Europain Trade Show

The international selections 2010-2011:

Region Date Localisation

September 26-29 2010

IBIE Show (Las Vegas – United States)

Mediterranea / Africa

March 22-25 2011

Salon CREMAI (Casablanca – Morocco)

Pacific Asia

May 26-28 2011

Salon Interbake (Canton – China)


January 22-26 2011

Salon SIRHA (Lyon – France)

The winners of the Louis Lesaffre Cup 2009-2011

South Korea

Costa Rica

United States

Japan Netherlands Peru
Poland Senegal


Our « best bakers in the world » joins the 3 countries shortlisted for the Bakery World Cup 2012: France, Italy and Taiwan.

2009/2011 Coupe Louis Lesaffre Cup palmares